Manry Rawls Lends a Hand to Franklin Cooperative Ministries with $8,000 donation

Westfield’s Legacy of Caring donation helps Franklin recover from the pandemic

Franklin, VA 7/26/21—Franklin Cooperative Ministries was nominated by Manry Rawls Insurance to receive a $8,000 donation as part of Westfield’s Legacy of Caring program. Each year, Westfield independent insurance agents, like Manry Rawls, are invited to nominate a local nonprofit for the Legacy of Caring program. The Westfield Insurance Foundation, an independent private foundation endowed by Westfield, awards the donation as an extension of the fundamental role that insurance plays every day in stabilizing families, businesses and communities in times of uncertainty.

This year, the grant program, funded by Westfield Insurance Foundation, is focused on supporting nonprofits that are helping families and businesses stabilize and recover from the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the last 15 months, nonprofits became increasingly important as the number of people in need increased while funding support simultaneously evaporated. Many agents participating in the Legacy of Caring program this year elected to nominate their local Feeding America foodbank, Urban League or United Way because of the critical resources they provide to their communities.

“As our businesses and schools reopen and ‘return to normal,’ Westfield’s Legacy of Caring program reminds us that is may take years to return to the stability and security people and businesses, including nonprofits, enjoyed before the pandemic happened,” said Vee Pittman, President of Manry Rawls.

“We are so grateful for the generous support of Cooperative Ministries said Margaret Anne Smith, director. “The Legacy of Caring grant will have a direct impact on our funding and will help us provide the support and hope needed to be successful.”

The Westfield Insurance Foundation will donate more than $600,000 dollars to neighborhoods across the country. Manry Rawls is one of nearly 100 agencies that nominated a nonprofit, including Franklin Cooperative Ministries, for the Westfield Legacy of Caring grant program. Westfield is proud to work with their independent agents in distributing over $3 million since 2015.

“We value our partnerships with our independent insurance agencies,” said Ed Largent, Westfield President, CEO, and Westfield Insurance Foundation Chair. “2020 was an incredibly tough year and Westfield recognizes that families trying to achieve and maintain stability were faced with multiple barriers to success. Investing in our agents’ communities will help families realize short-term successes with long-lasting outcomes.”

About Manry Rawls, LLC Manry Rawls Insurance, located in downtown Franklin is an independent insurance agency that began in 1872. They have a team of dedicated employees that handle a wide variety of insurance including personal, commercial, group benefits, and crop coverage. Visit for more information.

About Westfield Insurance Foundation Westfield Insurance Foundation was established in 2005 as an independent private foundation endowed by Westfield Insurance. In keeping with the values of Westfield Insurance, the Foundation exists as a dedicated community and industry partner; concentrating resources to have an impact on safety, disaster recovery and family stability. The Foundation donates over $3 million annually to a variety of charities.

About Westfield Westfield was founded in 1848 by a small group of hard-working farmers who believed in the promise of the future and the power of the individual. Today, as one of the nation’s leading property and casualty (P&C) companies, we remain true to their vision and are dedicated to your protection and prosperity and to the progress of our community. Visit for more information.



Manry Rawls, LLC is taking the safety and health of our insureds very seriously. We are monitoring the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and taking precautions to assist in protecting the health of our insureds and employees.  Our customers, employees, and the surrounding communities are our priority as we maneuver through these unprecedented times together.


Offices will remain open under normal hours as of now and will continue unless another statement is made. We do encourage insureds to use our phone or email to help with social distancing.

Franklin – (757) 562-6131

Courtland – (757) 653-2413

Emporia – (434) 634-6131

Smithfield – (757) 304-6160


Our offices have increased the measures we take to clean our buildings including sanitation of heavily touched surfaces such as counters, light switches, doorknobs, etc.


For the latest information check with the following:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at

Virginia Department of Health

World Health Organization

Manry Rawls Expands Its Crop Insurance Presence

Effective January 1, 2019, Carolina East Associates, Inc. of Williamston, North Carolina has merged with Manry Rawls, LLC of Franklin, Virginia.  This merger creates one of the largest, regional crop insurance agencies in the mid-Atlantic and will ensure a stable, experienced source for this type of insurance in southeastern Virginia and eastern North Carolina.  Carolina East and Manry Rawls have both been recognized leaders in crop insurance for many years and will continue to operate under their individual names. Customers will continue to enjoy the same quality service with current staff from both agencies remaining to help meet the insurance needs of their respective customers.

 “This merger will allow two agencies with similar values to remain strong and independent going forward.  With well over 300 years of crop insurance experience between the agencies and a large support staff to service farmers’ needs, this combined entity is well-positioned to handle the ever-changing crop insurance needs of farmers today and well into the future.  Today more than ever, farmers depend on guidance and advice from knowledgeable professionals that understand the complexities and changes in crop insurance. The combined entity of Carolina East and Manry Rawls will give farmers in our region an experienced partner to assist them in managing their risks each crop year,”  said V. S. “Vee” Pittman, President of Manry Rawls. 

Founded in 1872, Manry Rawls is one of the largest, independent agribusiness insurance agencies in the Virginia-Carolina region.  In addition to crop insurance, Manry Rawls is a leader in all types of agribusiness insurance including farm operations, cotton gins and warehousing and the sweet potato industry.  As well as crop and farm insurance, Manry Rawls offers a full line of insurance products including homeowners, auto, commercial, and life/health through locations in Smithfield, Windsor, Franklin, Courtland and Emporia, Virginia.  Manry Rawls has an affiliate relationship with Farmers Bank, a community bank that operates seven branches and service centers throughout Tidewater Virginia.    

Manry Rawls Expands Its Operations

Manry Rawls, LLC, a Franklin, Virginia-based independent insurance agency, is pleased to announce the addition of the E.V. Lankford Agency in Emporia to its operations. Founded in 1872, Manry Rawls is deeply rooted in southeastern Virginia with offices in Smithfield, Windsor, Franklin, Courtland and Emporia. E.V. Lankford Insurance is a fourth generation, independent insurance agency that was founded in Emporia in 1928. Ned Lankford, managing partner with the Lankford Agency, will manage the Emporia office for Manry Rawls, which will continue to operate as E. V. Lankford Insurance. Management plans to merge the current Emporia office (the former Lifsey Agency) with the Lankford Agency and operate out of Lankford’s current Baker Street location.


“We are excited to add the Lankford Agency to the Manry Rawls family and look forward to continuing to serve the greater Emporia-Greensville-Brunswick area,” said V.S. “Vee” Pittman, II, President of Manry Rawls. “This area fits our geographical model for expansion and we hope to continue to expand and look for other growth opportunities as they present themselves,” said Pittman. Manry Rawls offers a full line of insurance products including homeowners, auto, commercial, life/health, farm, and crop insurance. Manry Rawls also has an affiliate relationship with Farmers Bank, a community bank which operates seven branches and service areas throughout Tidewater Virginia

Harvest Season Safety for Farmers and Motorists

The smell of peanut dust in the air, tractors on the road, and fields of white snow can only mean one thing. It’s officially harvest season here in rural Virginia and North Carolina. It’s a beautiful sight in our area but, it also means motorists are more likely to encounter farm equipment in their daily travels.

Most farm equipment operates at a speed somewhere between 15 – 25 mph. If a car is traveling at 50 mph it has less than 10 seconds to avoid crashing into the back of a tractor moving 20 mph. That’s only 400 feet! To put this in perspective, the length of a football field is 360 feet.

When traveling in farming communities here are several safety precautions to reduce the chance of farm equipment accidents:

  • Reduce your speed when you spot a piece of farm equipment. If you see something ahead of you that you can’t recognize slow down until you properly identify the object.
  • Do not speed past farm equipment. Are the 3 seconds you’re gaining from legally speeding past machinery worth it? The turbulence caused by your vehicle passing can cause the machinery to quickly become unstable and sway resulting in an overturned machine or other accident.
  • Watch for hand or turn signals. Just because the machinery is pulling to the far right doesn’t mean they are pulling over for you to pass. Wide turns are necessary meaning they must veer right in order to turn left. If the operator is signaling you to wait, trust them.
  • Look out for Slow Moving Vehicle (SMV) emblems and amber flashing lights. SMV signs are used for machinery traveling under 25 mph. Flashing amber lights often mark the far left and far right of the equipment traveling the roadway. There could also be reflective tape on the outer extremities. Fully take in all portions of the farm equipment before you attempt to pass safely.

And lastly…

  • Do not expect equipment to move over for you. Driving with one set of wheels off the road can substantially increase the risk of overturn or other accident. Consider stopping and pulling over on the side of the road or into a driveway if you can safely. This allow the operator to safely continue down the road to his/her destination.

Farmers don’t ‘want’ to be in the road anymore than they have to. However, it’s a reality of the job when moving equipment from farm to farm. Remember the above precautions to allow a safe and accident free harvest season. Always remember it’s someone’s life, livelihood, loved one, and the meal we eat every day.

Resources and more information:

Hurricane Preparation

September is National Preparedness Month, a month set aside to remind Americans how to be ready and prepared for emergencies or disasters. Hurricane season is starting and we’ve put together a few tips to make sure you, your family, home, business, and community is ready to weather the storm.

Now is the time to be preparing a hurricane kit in your home. Some suggestions to be included in your kit are:

  1. Water (recommended 1 gallon per person per day. Have at least a 3 day supply)
  2. Food (non-perishable food items such as: canned food items [salmon, tuna, etc.], canned vegetables and fruits, instant soup mixes, peanut butter, cereal, apples, crackers, soy or almond milk, trail mix, granola/protein bars, apple sauce)
  3. Flashlights (and extra batteries!), candles (matches, waterproof or stored in dry container), lanterns
  4. First Aid Kit (contents should include:
  5. Radio (hand cranked or battery-powered)
  6. Dust Mask (filters contaminated air)
  7. Paper towels, toilet paper, garbage bags, moist toweletts
  8. Tools such as wrench and pliers (to turn off utilities if need be)
  9. Maps (local and surrounding areas)
  10. Cell Phone charger (car charger, solar powered, backup batteries [be sure they are charged now!])
  11. Prescription Medications
  12. Important Documents in waterproof container (identification, insurance policies, bank account information, etc.)
  13. Extra clothes and sturdy shoes for each member of your household
  14. Emergency contact numbers (include your insurance agent on this! Manry Rawls Franklin is 757-562-6131, we will be updating with other various emergency numbers as the storm approaches)

After preparing your kit be sure your home’s exterior is ready. Hurricane’s bring strong winds, heavy rain, possible hail, storm surge, and more.

  1. Remove area debris (winds can pick up large branches, unstable trees and bushes)
  2. Clear the lawn of furniture, toys, plants, trash cans, decorations, etc. (anything that is not tied down)
  3. Clean out gutters & drains
  4. Check sump pumps
  5. Test generators BEFORE the storm hits
  6. Check your structures and ensure roofs, porches, carports, storage sheds, etc. are firmly attached in place
  7. Check the seals around windows and doors for holes or gaps.

Please remember these are only suggestions and should be adjusted for your family. If you need to speak with your Manry Rawls insurance agent prior to the storm please call your local office today (Courtland- (757) 653-2413, Franklin- (757) 562-6131, Emporia- (434) 634-2152, Windsor- (757) 242-6112, Smithfield- (757) 304-6160.) If you need to report a claim after the storm we will update with phone numbers later as time gets closer.

Check our Facebook page and local news sources often to stay updated on the storm’s progression and what you should do.





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