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Fruit & Vegetable Processing Insurance

Due to stringent health regulations and increased quality and safety requirements of customers and consumers, the amount of care that must be given to controlling the total cost of risk for food processors is considerable. Effective risk control and proper coverage are critical to this industry, as it is highly susceptible to catastrophic claims.

At Manry Rawls, we partner with our clients to address their exposures to risk as well as loss control and safety management issues. Our solutions provide them with long-term and sustainable reductions in their total cost of risk.

Risk control solutions are critical to the success of food processors in today's marketplace. We understand that loss control is a major component of the cost of doing business and that is why we focus on controlling losses with both "Pre" and "Post-Loss" Management. By impacting the culture of an organization, we are able to significantly affect their bottom line.

Our internal resources deliver the expertise our clients expect. We are considered as a trusted advisor by our clients because they know we have their best interests in mind. Our solutions are about lowering the total cost of risk and keeping our clients attractive to the insurance marketplace.

We provide solutions for the unique exposures facing food processors. This includes:

  • Product Recall and Replacement
  • Off-Premises Power Failure
  • Boiler and Machinery Protection
  • USDA - OSHA Review
  • Workplace Hygiene
  • Ergonomic Issues
  • Damage from Temperature Control
  • Ammonia Contamination
  • Environmental Impairment
  • Product Liability
  • Product Contamination
  • Reputational Damage Protection

We deliver the solutions that give our clients a true competitive advantage. We make your food processing business feel at Home with Manry Rawls.