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Four Step Process


  • Identify & Analyze Exposures

During this initial phase, our Risk Control consultants research every facet of our client's business. This information is used to guide future collective efforts and leverage the talents and resources within both organizations.

  • Develop Strategies & Solutions

We partner with our client's management team to tailor strategies and solutions which appropriately address their needs, match their company culture, and drive a sustained reduction in their Total Cost of Risk (TCOR).

  • Implement Strategies & Solutions

Manry Rawls consultants are actively involved in the implementation of strategies and solutions. In addition, significant resources are made available to help sustain efforts.

  • Monitor & Measure Results

Businesses are dynamic. What works for our clients today might not work as well tomorrow. For this reason, Manry Rawls continues to monitor and adjust risk management programs to ensure a perfect fit as clients evolve. This is where our comprehensive understanding of our client's business pays in dividends.

Our Risk Control Consultants have extensive experience and can guide you through each step in the process. Our system-driven approach ensures that clients have all of the necessary elements in place to drive a long-term, sustainable reduction in the cost of risk.

Some of the Elements in Our Four-Step Process:

Safety Management Systems
Risk Assessment / Hazard Analysis
Written Safety Programs
Ergonomics Assessments
Loss Analysis / Charts
Property Risk Assessments
Disaster Recovery
Transitional Duty / Return to Work Assessments
Business Contingency Planning
Industrial Hygiene
Safety Training
Claims Management Strategies
Fleet Safety
Product Liability & Property Loss Prevention