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Crop Insurance

Farmers know that without crop insurance, a storm or drought could take everything they’ve worked so hard for. All crop-producing farmers who want to safeguard their future in agriculture should consider investing in crop insurance. A Manry Rawls Crop Insurance Consultant can help guide you through the process.

Levels of Crop Insurance

You can choose the level of crop insurance coverage you need and decide how you want the policy structured. Specific insurance plans include:

  • Yield Base Coverage
  • Revenue Insurance
  • Crop Hail Plans
  • Supplemental Coverage
  • Named Peril Insurance


As a farmer, you'll realize many benefits of crop insurance, including:

  • Risk pooled among multiple farmers to maintain affordability.
  • Government subsidies offered to farmers to offset a portion of the premium.
  • Increased coverage levels offered for several crops.
  • Protection for input costs and harvest values.
  • Plus, crop insurance may serve as collateral for operating loans.

Crop Insurance Rates

Congress subsidizes the cost of buying crop insurance and several states provide state-funded premium subsidies. Rates depend on your needs, risk tolerance, insurance plans, production, and location. A Manry Rawls Crop Insurance Consultant will work with you to customize a plan that ensures the best risk management for your operation.