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Cotton Gins and Warehousing

The Manry Rawls Cotton Team is different from other agents, because we do not separate program design, placement and service. This gives our clients the benefit of a consistent partner relationship, and a clear commitment to service after coverage is placed.

Your team will use its expertise in the industry to resolve complex coverage issues and will look for ways to save you money.

The following are some examples of coverage issues facing the cotton industry:

  1. High Unprotected Property Values
  2. Complex Auto Liability Exposure (including) Specialized Equipment and Trucking
  3. Seasonal and often Non-English Speaking Work Forces
  4. Multiple Operations in (both) Yard and Field
  5. Field Cotton Module Coverage
  6. Significant Workers' Compensation Exposure from Operating Heavy Equipment and Machinery
  7. Limited Markets for Insurance Coverage
  8. Unique Cotton Claims Issues (including) Salvage and Valuation
  9. Specialized Risk Control Issues

A cotton client that has vertically integrated their business to include farming, harvesting, ginning, warehousing and distribution will be right at home within the Manry Rawls Agri-Business Department.